The world is complicated, but also simple.

In fact, even in these staggeringly complex times, everything can be divided into three categories:

dope | dōp adjective
¹you know, like, dope

not dope | nät dōp adjective
¹the opposite of the thing above

dope / not dope | dōp/nät dōp adjective
¹both those things, maybe at the same time

See, it really isn’t that hard.

For every issue we round up notables from the realms of technology, culture, media, and more, then label their relative dopeness, or lack thereof. Throw in a custom playlist and boom, you’ve got an issue of DnD.

Will we also launch a podcast? Invite guests to weigh in and curate stories? Do some long-form writing breaking down a story in detail? Flip the format into an award-winning TV show that gives us the illusion we could be Hollywood moguls, only five years later we’re forced to move back in with our parents after sinking all our money into a failed reboot of Alf?

It’s all on the table. Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride..