Issue No. 005

People matter. Meaning matters. A good life is not a place at which you arrive, it’s a lens through which you see and create your world.
— Jonathan Fields


  1. Nike Decides to Kneel

    Dope: Just believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

  2. Budweiser is Slowly Becoming the Budweiser of Cannabis

    Not Dope: Behind the scenes Anheuser-Busch is inching closer to the takeover we all saw coming,

  3. The Best Lookbook of 2018 Is Here

    Dope / NotDope: Supreme stealing a logo from a farming company is very not dope, how the farmers responded is very dope.

  4. Your Hometown Is Getting Hotter, See?

    Dope: The NY Times offers another chance to geek out on data display (and try to save the planet)

  5. Village Voice Goes Mute

    Not Dope: The end is finally here for a beacon of culture, dissent, and diversity that defined life in NYC for years.

  6. Listen to the Good Life

    Dope: The 10th anniversary podcast of Design Matters gets deep

  7. Whack World

    Dope: 15 minutes of eyeball melting, eardrum expanding originality from a new artist

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