Issue No. 006

I missed him immediately. In more ways than I could count, he had been the secret sharer and unwitting accomplice in the best and most disgusting of my adventures.
— Dave Hickey
Photograph Courtesy of Clarke Tolton

Photograph Courtesy of Clarke Tolton


  1. In Loving Memory of Mac Miller

    Dope / NotDope: A terrible loss, but thank you to Mac for gifting us with so much music and inspiring so many tributes.

  2. A Massive Weed Campus is Coming

    Dope: Several football fields worth of cannabis business is on the way in Cathedral City.

  3. Cannabis Failure Rates Are High

    Not Dope: Consumers deserve better, growers deserve better - we’ll get there, but bad optics for the industry right now.  

  4. Storytelling Blows Up

    Dope: Pun alert: McSweeney’s continues to expand the limits of storytelling with a new balloon edition of their journal.

  5. Love Letters to the US

    Dope: Stories of immigrant artists weaving their creations into the American quilt.

  6. Uber New Brand is Less-Ubery

    Dope / NotDope: It’ll take more than a new font to humanize Uber, but this is a start.

  7. Hardcore Gorilla Biscuits

    Dope: How Big Billy Bitter created an iconic New York City hardcore design that’s lasted decades.

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