Issue No. 009

Parts of all of our childhoods have been lost, scrubbed, forgotten. But Ms. Rosales’s had been all but erased.
— Melissa Smith


  1. The Veteranas of LA Youth Culture

    Dope: Guadalupe Rosales is turning a lens on the East L.A. of her youth to preserve a culture and lifestyle that’s quickly being erased.

  2. Pepsi Passes on Cannabis

    Dope / Not Dope: Pepsi’s stock slid after they said they’re staying away from weed, which is lowkey a strong sign that the business mainstream now wants cannabis opportunities, not prohibitions.

  3. The Show Doesn’t Starts Until the First IG Post

    Not Dope: The IG Effect is pushing artists to design their sets and shows for audiences at home, not the actual live humans right in front of them.

  4. LAX Is Totally Chill Now Bruh

    Dope / Not Dope: The LAPD officially confirmed legal weed possession is fine in the airport itself. Getting on the plane and flying though? That could still get you Fed time.

  5. Two Sides of the Street, Two Different Lives

    Dope: The NY Times uses some simple but powerful graphics to illustrate how growing up just a few blocks apart can lead to radically different life outcomes for children.  

  6. Anything You Can Do...

    Dope: From CBD lines to heart monitors, Inc.’s new list of female founders is a portrait of how women are helming some of the world’s most exciting new companies.

  7. From Here to There, Together

    Dope: No, we’re not crying over LCD Soundsystem’s beautiful sonnet of a new video. It’s just there’s something stuck in our eye, that’s all.

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