Issue No. 010

There’s no such thing as too political. The political is personal. And our equity, safety, and freedom is worth speaking up for.
— Tracee Ellis Ross
  1. Tracee Ellis Ross Is for the Culture

    Dope: From Girlfriends to Blackish, Tracee is single, successful and a model for modern adulthood.

  2. Election Billboards That Actually Inspire

    Dope: Art as activism. Replacing advertising with advocacy. Visualizing the times. The importance of representative democracy.

  3. Because Apparently We Have to Video Tape it to Be Believed

    Dope / Not Dope: Finally, an iOS update that adds a feature that isn’t shitty. Except that it has to be used in a shitty situation.

  4. Whose House? Their House

    Dope / Not Dope: Christopher Columbus was a murderer. Stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples by honoring treaties and protecting the planet.

  5. WA Crushes Candy Edibles

    Not Dope: Too little, too late.

  6. 2 Candidates, 48 Pounds, 1 Arrest

    Not Dope: Politicians that know how to slang would also know how to enact sensible drug laws.

  7. Issa Rae & Amy Aniobi Make a Movie #BGM

    Dope: Because Insecure is way too short. I can’t wait to see the behind-the-scenes shoots all over my ‘gram feed.

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All of the stories and songs in this issue have been curated by attorney, activist, entrepreneur, cannabis oracle, fantastic human, and Quality Produce family member Sunshine Lencho. Also, her dog Reggie is Instagram famous.

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