Issue No. 011

They found out we were a force to be reckoned with
— Ms. Gonzalez
  1. A Luxury for All, Except the Poor

    Not Dope: It was an oasis for low-income tenants, now they can’t afford to have a drink in the $50 million luxury hotel that replaced their playground.

  2. Hang His Number in Sesame Street’s Rafters

    Dope: Nearly 50 years and 5,000 episodes later, Carol Spinney is retiring from his role as the joy-producing Big Bird on Sesame Street. Rest in fowl Carol.

  3. Little Cannabis, Meet Big Pharma

    Dope / Not Dope: We celebrated when the epilepsy-blocking drug Epidolex became the first cannabis drug approved by the FDA they announced it will cost $32K.   

  4. Back to the Drawing Board

    Dope: Jennifer Hom is leading the charge at AirBnB to illustrate the brand’s path to diversity.

  5. Leftover No More

    Dope: A market where Chinese woman are matched for marriage is transformed into a display of destiny-changing empowerment.

  6. GTFOH P&G

    Not Dope: Proctor & Gamble are attempting to trademark internet slang like NSFW and WTF for an upcoming ad campaign. ROFL

  7. The Art of the GIF

    Dope: Leland Foster is mixing photography and digital manipulation to produce beautifully subtle images of suburban life.

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