Issue No. 013

When life gives you lemons…put them on a flash drive.
— Daria Gonzalez
  1. Mentally ill or mentally Russian?

    Dope: A visually-striking research project from our Art Director Natalie on Mentally Ill Cities and Citizens is totally dope. You should check it out.

  2. Gorillaz goes on a long break after their ‘Demon Dayz’ show in LA

    Dope: Gorillaz are the dopest. I do not know how I will survive for 10 years of silence without them. If you think of them as just a weird musical band - read up. Created in 1998, Gorillaz have been around a block for 20 years and their following keeps increasing. Apart from their numerous musical success (including awards such as Grammy, Billboard, UK music, MTV), they also have been a pioneering team producing stellar art on the intersection of music, video, comics, VR, AR and filmmaking. They have a giant fake autobiography comic book that is hilarious. Super dope.

  3. Vistar—the first independent art magazine in Cuba

    Dope: Vistar started in 2015 as an independent, non-state-owned magazine about arts and lifestyle in Havana. As many of you know, Cuba has limited access to Internet, and 3 years ago it was even worse. In the meantime, Vistar only had a digital presence. The way the guys solved their distribution challenge was through Paquete de la semana - a weekly terabyte collection of news,  articles and even downloaded TV series that are physically distributed to households throughout the whole island once a week via flash drives - and Vistar comes as a .pdf magazine in their package. That’s how in a country with no Internet access an independent magazine can survive with 1M in outreach and close to 0 production budgets. When life gives you lemons… put them on a flash drive.

  4. Catalonian Independence and Blockchain in Spain

    Dope / Note Dope: You can be for Catalonian independence or against it, but the increasing role of decentralized technology in grassroot political movements makes it an extremely interesting topic. To dig deeper in the whole thing, you can check the news and the website of Aragon - a Barcelona-based team building a technological platform to help decentralized organizations thrive.

  5. Grebz—a Ukrainian Absurd Rap Sensation

    Dope: Though a sensation of the last year, Grebz are still killing it way beyond Ukrainian borders and I don’t see the reason to not spread their fame even further. Grebz create hilarious music videos depicting stereotypical characters of “scary Slavs” and well, it’s totally worth it to watch a couple. In the end, who doesn’t love a nice rap song in an obscure language?

  6. Serbia Recovers from Cultural Genocide

    Dope: I picked this story because although local, this story is so painful and important: how the state of the arts is an immediate indicator of a nation’s well-being. After 15 years, the Belgrade National Museum was finally reopened, following the decade-long revamp of Museum of Contemporary Art. It makes me hopeful about the future of Serbia and all ex-Yugoslavian countries.

  7. The First Artist of the Berlin Wall

    Dope: Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989—exactly two months after I was born. Together with it, fell numerous years of terror and deprivation. And what I love and cherish - the modern Berlin—began. Arts play a crucial role in the modern Berlin, one of the most artistic cities of Europe. The healing function of art comes in the full force in the city, and knowing who started all of it, is important - and dope.

About the Editor—
Hi, I’m Daria Gonzalez, and my parents are professional mountain climbers. Being way less athletic, I undertook a whimsical life path on the intersection of art, design and business. I lived and worked in Cuba, Russia, Serbia, Germany, Spain and now in the U.S., where I co-founded Wunderdogs—a female-led creative agency. I love the world and am always curious about what’s happening in the countries I consider home, which is 7 different places scattered across the globe—I’m very lucky.

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