Issue No. 015

Fame is kind of scary. It doesn’t allow you a chance to be damaged, or slip up.
— Brian Tyree Henry
  1. Tony Cruise - Replica

    Dope / Not Dope: Tony Cruise―also known as Tony Kill―is a Washington, D.C. producer and composer. I came across his glitchy, lo-fi album, Replica by way of the website shared on his Twitter. "Album" isn’t quite the label for the musical experience, and "website" doesn’t do justice to his punk, interactive zine-esque web page. Its weird to say the least, yet captivating; futuristic and somehow familiar, a brief, but interesting break from normality.

  2. Kim Porter Should Be Remembered For Her Impact On Women In Hip-Hop, Not Just Her Relationship With Diddy

    Dope: Death isn’t dope. The passing of a life, any life, is an unfortunate loss to many. Kim Porter recently passed, a marvelous woman who is most known for her relationship with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, but is so much more. The remarkable Melissa Kimble put into words just how wondrous Kim Porter was.

  3. E. Dan Reflects on His Relationship with Mac Miller

    Dope: I promise death isn’t the theme here, but it’s been painfully present all 2018. Sadly, death is wherever there is life thus a never-ending cycle of sadness. La tristesse durera toujours. What isn’t sad is E. Dan reflecting on his warm, loving relationship with the late, great Mac Miller. May his touching words remind you as it did me to cherish the good people in your life.

  4. I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It.

    Dope: Okay, the theme might be death.

  5. Dead Man Laughing

    Dope / Not Dope: Zadie Smith is to words what Picasso was to paint. She knows how to make her keyboard sing, even when the subject is her father who has passed on. I guarantee you’ll crack more smiles than tears dropped.

  6. All-Star Superman

    Dope: Yes, you guessed it, the theme is death. The death of Superman. For an invincible alien who is just short of a God, the prospect of death made him beautifully human. I recommend you don’t watch the movie. Don’t! Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman comic is only 12 issues, a short read that’s not perfect, but rewarding in ways that great comic.

  7. Brian Tyree Henry

    Dope: Out of all the stories selected, the GQ profile on an extremely talented budding movie star is the one where you will need a tissue.

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