Issue No. 016

Trap is likely the only literature that will capture the structure of feeling of the period in which it was produced.
— Jesse McCarthy, "Notes on Trap"
  1. A World Where Everything is Always Dripping

    Dope / Not Dope: “Trap sounds like what living in contemporary America feels like. It is the soundtrack of the dissocialized subject that neoliberalism made. It is the funeral music that the Reagan revolution deserves.”

  2. The Big Flat Now

    Dope: I think this essay came out in summer, but I guess the point is that the past doesn’t matter. Neither does the future. Time isn’t a flat circle. It’s just flat. Bettridge, Koch, and Mascatello argue that creativity’s increasingly borderless culture is pushing us past the edge of language, and towards something like freedom. At a time when it feels like more walls are going up: I’ll take it as some hope.

  3. Roundbois of Instagram

    Dope: Counterpoint: the world is round and these boys are perfect.

  4. Cosmic Highs

    Dope: As someone who has recently been asked to do an unfortunate amount of research into alien conspiracy theorists, I’ve seen more of the internet than I’d care to in recent weeks. My YouTube recommendations are actually fucked, and now I own a copy of Behold A Pale Horse for some reason. On the other hand: Lil Mayo has won my entire heart with his content. When I heard Troyboi “Drip (No Mayo)” and realized that the lyrics were not Lil Mayo saying his voice in alien, I was devastated.

  5. Interior Worlds

    Dope: Here on earth (and currently at MoCA): Becky Suss explores family, memory, and the art of domestic spaces. It feels like home, at 3/4 scale.

  6. Home is Burning

    Not Dope: Home is burning. 2018 was the most destructive wildfire season on record in California, with 88 lives claimed in the Camp fire, and over 1.6 million acres lost. Listen to Paradise, Malibu, and the voices of millions of Americans who are navigating the reality of climate change.

  7. Planetary Provisions

    Dope: A different type of burn. Jessica Pettway & Samantha Friend’s astro recipes are on point. See: Scorpio, a half raw onion with a glass of wine,which is honestly dinner as usual.

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