Issue No. 019

I remember when I was coming up, the music stores where you could get guitar strings was where I got my records from. Now the place where you get your records from is where you can get your DJ mats and your mixers.
— Jam Master Jay
  1. Mr. Sunshine

    Dope: Come for the hanboks, stay for the long drawn out static shots using up to 5 angles. The emotional intensity. The vicious cruelty. The shocking plot twists. The betrayal. No one does melodrama like the Koreans. Put away the eggnog and pick up the soju. Mr. Sunshine is all you need for your holiday binging.

  2. Major League Rugby

    Dope: The name is unfortunate. But this is the league we've all been practicing for. On January 5th, one of America's most successful rugby clubs, San Francisco Golden Gate RFC (not in MLR), plays host to last year's MLR champs Seattle. See you at Ray Sheeran Field.  

  3. SF Equity Group

    Dope: As the rich get richer from the repeal of cannabis prohibition, this coalition of SF community leaders is focused on social enterprise: helping the communities targeted by the War on Drugs by building pathways to economic opportunity. Coming next to your town.

  4. Rusty's Southern

    Dope / Not Dope: The secret off the menu burger is now on the menu. That's not dope. Eat here anyway.

  5. Who's Hat? Jay's Hat

    Dope: For just $500 you can look Fresh as Fuck and support the The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music; they help students with equal access to the arts.

  6. Slow News Day, All Day

    Dope: The Correspondent is all about "unbreaking news" … get off the Internet and get on the slow bus.

  7. Groo the Wanderer the Movie

    Not Dope: There is only Groo. Everything else is garbage. And these guys are just going to fuck up this movie. Bring in Sergio Aragone and go away. Also, rest in power Stan Lee.

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Christian Averill was born in New York but now lives in San Francisco with his wife, Eunji, and 2 year old daughter, Daphne. He has never forgiven Tipper Gore for getting The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse taken off the air. @christianaverill

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