Issue No. 020

The story when the curtain opened, however, was simple. It was a story about love.
  1. [EXT. TOKYO] The Sea of Crises

    Dope: Our story begins in Japan with a sumo wrestling tournament, a failed coup ending in seppuku, and a journey through oblivion.

  2. [PULL BACK TO REVEAL] A Supposedly Fun Thing

    Dope / Not Dope: From there, we’ll board a (nearly) lethal cruise ship to see nearly naked a lot of people we would prefer not to have seen nearly naked.

  3. [INT. A HOUSE COATED IN LEAD] The People of Paper

    Dope: After docking in L.A., we board a Greyhound bus to El Monte where Federico de la Fe battles for control of his destiny inside a metallic turtle.

  4. [ZOOM IN] The Ghost Ship Is Still Burning

    Dope / Not Dope: And then a long walk North to Oakland to visit a young man in prison carrying 36 ghosts on his back.

  5. [DIGITAL EFFECTS] That Dragon, Cancer

    Dope / Not Dope: Tired but exhilarated, a hitchhiked ride drops us off in Loveland, Colorado where grief produces a game unlike any other.

  6. [LOUD MUSIC PLAYS] How Future Became a Monster

    Dope / Not Dope: And then a sharp turn South to visit the monsters of excess, the monsters of sin, and monsters of love.

  7. [FADE TO BLACK] Bombo Fabrika

    Dope: Our travels end deep in the Columbian countryside where something in the wind tastes so sweet. Oh my god.  

About the Editor—
Nathan Slavik is a hungry ghost.

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