Issue No. 022

Never let them see you sweat and believe in forgiveness.
— Erin Johnson
  1. Hey, Cool Life with Mary HK Choi

    I've been chasing Mary HK Choi since she first appeared in Mass Appeal back in the early Aughts. Like a White Rabbit, she's always been way out ahead, slipping out of view just as you think you've found her. Her daily reflections on this micro-pod is where we finally catch up and she's disarmingly raw as she shares on mental health and creativity. The "first pancake" of the day.

  2. Russian Winnie the Pooh

    This Slavic take on everybody's favorite zen master is at once psychedelic and comforting. Don't feel weird if you find the Russian Piglet cuter than the English Piglet. Because in the immortal words of that Great American Hero, Rock Balboa, "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!"

  3. Erin Johnson: 'Never let them see you sweat and believe in forgiveness'

    After standing up to and staring down the biggest pigs in the Advertising world at J.Walter Thompson and WPP, this American hero emerges in a new role with start up Giftnote. She asks us to "remember what you love about your life" and shares her step by step guide for dealing with the fall out of tackling misogyny in the Advertising Industry. (Full Disclosure, Erin is my cousin and #1 hero).

  4. Homeboy Industries Retrospective at LA's Central Library

    2019 is a year for exploring alternative business models and finding a purpose in your work. Inspiration can be found in the work of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang-intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world that's also a streetwear brand, workforce training program, a baker, farmer's market, catering service, and diner. Your move.

  5. St. Marks Comics closes after 36 Years

    Punk is dead. NYC is dead. Overdevelopment and greedy real estate developers have been driving out all that's good and interesting about NYC. This one really hurts though. Where will the next generation of heroes find their life's inspiration if not during late night visits to the sacred chaotic chambers of Bleecker Bob's, St. Mark's Sounds, or St. Mark's Comics?

  6. Illinois Businessman Gives Away a Comic Book Shop

    If you're feeling down about the closing of St. Mark's Comics, apply to Chimera to get your own comic book shop here.

  7. A Century of Ferlinghetti

    The poet who gave us City Lights Bookstore and Publisher and fought the establishment to protect our 1st Amendment rights is turning 100.  Gather those rosebuds.

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Christian Averill was born in New York but now lives in San Francisco with his wife, Eunji, and 2 year old daughter, Daphne. He has never forgiven Tipper Gore for getting The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse taken off the air.

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